This photo project started in 2014 and kept running through 2016, combining different stories, inspired with Russian folklore and dark side of fairy tales. Most of kokoshniks, masks and outfits made by the artist as well as photographs. None of works had been digitally manipulated.


Analogue from October 2015

All inside the work done by the artist, including setting and outfit.

PETRUSHKA is the doll, the main comic character in Russian puppetry. That doll reminds mix of Harlequin and Jester, but Russian one is the evil doll with only 4 fingers on each hand (possible symbol that “Petrushka” – is not a man, but a character from another world). Many people mistakenly believe that the wide open mouth of Petrushka is a smile, but it is not; as a negative character, Petrushka constantly stretches the lips into a grin. There are some line which he is not able to cross, because he doesn’t belong to himself, his portraitas an allegory to modern society with false smiles and actions, which come not from the heart and rise negative emotions in our inner.

All images are copyrighted © 2013 - Present Uldus Bakhtiozina.