This photo project started in 2014 and kept running through 2016, combining different stories, inspired with Russian folklore and dark side of fairy tales. Most of kokoshniks, masks and outfits made by the artist as well as photographs. None of works had been digitally manipulated.


Analogue from February 2015

Inspired with the Tale of the Fisherman and the Gold Fish based on a folk legend. A simple fisherman catches a magic golden fish that can speak and grants him with wishes, which he denies until his wife finds out about the fish, and asks more and more treasures and power to have, making Gold Fish very angry by her unlimited selfishness, and the fish turned all back to the poorest level the old couple were, which makes old fisherman happy in a way, since he never asked for himself. There are can be too many wishes for others…
I wanted to bring the “fish” to “life” like she is a human, she has the face, her minds and even wishes. Its well known fishes can’t speak, but i wanted to make her at least look like she can talk and even sing, that i believe could’ve be one of her wishes. And she owns her Golden Karaoke.
Originally the Fairy Tale takes place in China and was transformed with generations.

This work has been included in Permanent collection Faberge Museum, Saint-Petersburg.

All images are copyrighted © 2013 - Present Uldus Bakhtiozina.