This photo project started in 2014 and kept running through 2016, combining different stories, inspired with Russian folklore and dark side of fairy tales. Most of kokoshniks, masks and outfits made by the artist as well as photographs. None of works had been digitally manipulated.


Analogue from May 2014

A bogatyr (Russian: богатырь; Old East Slavic) or vityaz (Russian: витязь) is a stock character in medieval East Slavic legends (byliny), akin to a Western European knight-errant. In modern Russian, the word is used to describe a knight, a warrior or, figuratively, a strong person.
Etymology: Borrowing from Russian богатырь (bogatýr), from a Turkic language, probably Khazar, from Old Turkic bagatur (“hero”), from Proto-Turkic *bAgatur (“hero”), which, according to the controversial Altaic hypothesis, is possibly derived from Proto-Altaic *miàga (“glory, praise”), which see for possible cognates.

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