This photo project started in 2014 and kept running through 2016, combining different stories, inspired with Russian folklore and dark side of fairy tales. Most of kokoshniks, masks and outfits made by the artist as well as photographs. None of works had been digitally manipulated.


Analogue from August 2014

All are inspired with the Fairy Tale “7 bogatyrs and Dead Tsarevna” (the Eastern European version of Snow White) has left the home of the 7 knights, or bogatyrs, and ventured forth into the dangerous world. Butshe still carries their images close to her as a protective talisman. Interesting fact, that in this Fairy Tale no explanation of appearance of 7 bogatyrs (knights), they seems to be immortal guards of the forest which they can’t leave. All photographs inside the room (work “Her Bedroom”) have been made specifically for creating the atmosphere in theroom.This room is an allegory on possible bedroom of this Tsarevna.
All images are copyrighted © 2013 - Present Uldus Bakhtiozina.